Member Information Update

Update Your Member Information!

Please update us with your preferred personal email address.

Please update your Bargaining Unit with your preferred personal email address. By updating your email address, your Local 99 Bargaining Unit can communicate important and relevant information regarding your site unit or employer. Additionally, please ensure that you update your Bargaining Unit with any future changes to your contact information including name changes.

Your email will ONLY be used to update you on important information regarding Local 99 union-employer activity. It will not be used as a means of communications for promotional or community updates.

Please email the Local 99 Bargaining Unit with your contact information including name, personal email and current unit at:


Please remember that it is your responsibility to update your contact information with ONA Central. This includes updating changes to your name, home address, or email address. You can update your member information with ONA Central by contacting the email above (