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Update December 11, 2020

Please see below for recommendations set out by KFLA Public Health regarding Safe Celebration Practices related to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Please be advised that with these recommendations, the employer places onus on each staff member to adhere to Local, Provincial, and Federal Public Health Guidelines. ONA Local 99 wants you as members to be aware that choosing to practice outside of these guidelines could effect your relationship and/or status with the Employer.
Precedents has already been set in other workplaces across the province and as Registered Nurses we are held to a higher standard.

Safe Celebrations – KFL&A Public Health (

Update November 8, 2020:

ONA does not support the use of expired N95s for patient’s with infectious airborne diseases.

N95s and equivalent respirators that are past their designated shelf life are no longer NIOSH-certified, as they must meet all manufacturer-designated conditions of use to maintain the NIOSH approval. Although this is a recommendation for times of increased supply and demand the government of Canada also notes: It is unknown how long after the expiry date the respirator would be considered suitable for use.

In ONA’s opinion this is a huge risk to make considering that there are no studies or evidence to support the expired masks viability.

We are advising out membership to NOT risk their health and safety and to not use an expired N95 for anything more than a procedure mask.

Please report to your Local 99 Representative Laura Detlor —

Thank You


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